This beautiful and unusual collection of art greetings cards has come from the original lino prints of Teresa Winchester, a printmaker and storyteller from Brighton. These colourful images illustrate a world of imagination and fantasy where wolves dance with hares, hares dance with girls, and the Owl sails away with the Pussycat under the light of the moon! Often described as dreamy and magical in these pictures stories combine with the world of animals.


The Greetings Cards are printed in rich vibrant colours, are blank inside, and most come with a coloured envelope to complement the design. They are suitable for a wide range of occasions.


Your artwork is so enchanting. I can’t wait to show it with my friends and family.”


Teresa Winchester lives and works in Brighton where she hosts an Open House with the Fiveways group during the Brighton festival every May. Also a storyteller there is an element of magical narrative together with a sense of the dream world in the prints. Some themes are traditional with a unique twist, and others have no text but aim to spark memories and individual ideas. A love of the natural world and the beauty of plant and animal life enriches the work.

teresa winchester


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